David Tilson, Woodworker

Welcome!  This is the page where I post links to all sorts of pen-related, woodworking-related, and unrelated web pages.

 R E L A T E D   L I N K S

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The Freedom Pen Project
A project in which I am proud to participate.

The Pen Makers Guild
An association of some of the very best makers of top quality works of stylographic art.

Pen World International Magazine
The "premier publication for fine writing instruments." Covers new and antique pens of all sorts, papers, inks, accessories, etc.

The Fountain Pen Shop
Los Angeles' original fountain pen dealer and authorized repair center, now located in Monrovia, CA.

A co-operative message board site with news, reviews, etc. all about fountain pens.

Pen Geeks United
An informational site with links to eBay searches for collectible fountain pens, automatic searches among various dealers for specific brands of pens, pen forums, and other useful tidbits.

U N R E L A T E D   L I N K S

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Dave's Photography Web Gallery

Dave's Other Photography Web Gallery

Dave's Woodworking Reference Library
(Formerly The Cyberwoods) - My woodworking information website.

OCWA - The Orange County Woodworkers' Association and O.C. Woodturners

The del Mano Gallery
Art gallery in Los Angeles specializing in turned wood forms and fiber sculpture.

C O M P L E T E L Y   I R R E L E V A N T   L I N K S

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The Beginning of the Internet
That's right - the very first page of the internet!

Remember the Industrious Clock animation?  This is the genius who invented it.  Very cool to look around and play here.

There, I Fixed It!
Epic kludges of all sorts.

When you haven't anything better to do.

The End of the Internet